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The Map  Limited Edition Digital Prints by Emmett Potter

The Map Limited Edition Digital Prints by Emmett Potter

The Map
archival inject print on cotton rag
17" x 22"

Emmett Potter

The artist uses a subtractive color field process to remove and select elements in the image and to find the balance in composition and color.

 The work begins by appropriating a section of a digital image that is then divided into individual elements in a raster based design program. Once the elements are selected the color placement and relationship between the colors begin. Upon the completion of the final digital image an inkjet print is made at 17 x 22.  Acrylic paint is then mixed and swatches are painted using the print as a template for color.  The projected digital image is then transferred to canvas in pencil and finished using the color swatches as reference.

The print is the transition from the virtual world into the physical world in relationship to the creation of the painting.  The print resides in the middle of the creative process.   Rather than the print being a byproduct of the painting, they are at the foundation of the painting process.  Laying the groundwork for the color, imagery and size of the painting.