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Invest in Architecture by Adjustments Agency

Invest in Architecture Limited Edition Digital Prints (17" x 22") by Adjustments Agency

Invest in Architecture
giclee prints on archival exhibition fiber paper, epson ultrachrome k3
17" x 22"

Adjustments Agency 

Joanna Kloppenburg & Nicholas Korody of Adjustments Agency, adjusts the structures in which architecture operates. They believe that architecture approaches irrelevancy by sticking to outdated economic models (ie. patronage) and outdated normative orientations (ie. construction). Their current research locates the ‘exhibition’ as an under-explored site for the practice of architecture and the realization of architectural projects.

Adjustments Agency believes an exhibit can own itself, architecture can produce itself, and the relationships between a place and its greater context – socioeconomic, ecological, political, etc. – can be designed.

Rather than ask for donations, they have developed a new platform that allows interested parties to become equity shareholders in their projects. In fact, once a print is purchased the collector automatically acquire one “modifier” (or “mod”), equivalent to a share in Adjustments Agency ( a discounted price! ). To claim your share, send Adjustments Agency a picture of the unique number written on the back of the recently collected print and they will send you instructions on how to secure your mod – a digital asset built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain – via a cryptocurrency wallet (don't worry, it's easy). Later on, you can redeem tokens for goods and services in our exhibits, or receive dividends from any profits earned.* Certain decisions we make will be put up to a vote; and the amount of shares you have equals the weight of your vote.

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