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Axis Mundi by Annabelle Del Valle

Axis Mundi Limited Edition Digital Prints by Annabelle Del Valle

Axis Mundi
collage piece
11" x  17"

Annabelle Del Valle

Studied Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona.  Art and Urban Design Residencies in Copenhagen and Rotterdam.

Using collage, recycled images, and materials in various media and platforms, my work navigates representational imagery and abstraction. The mixed media images are constructed by designing in layers and superimposing formalizing grids to create pattern. Informed by architectural design and commercial art, my work at times becomes tridimensional. Using collage and geometry, my work tries to find a balanced composition between images, shapes, and fields of repetitive pattern.

Using collage as a technique, thematically my work uses commercial imagery. The use of recycled magazines and everyday objects stems from an interest in mass production and questions the significance of an original piece.